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Acolyte means “one who serves” The Acolytes are instrumental in helping the services to run smoothly.  Acolytes are leaders in the church through the examples they set at the altar.  They assist the priest at God’s table and the congregation throughout the service.   An acolyte serves God through their service in the Church. .  Being an acolyte provides youth and adults with the unique opportunity to more fully participate in the worship service.   Acolytes are part of the Worship Ministry Team. 

You are invited to come and be part of this Worship Team.  You need to be at least an incoming second grader, and be able to carry the children cross and torches.  We need adults as well.  All you need is a willing heart and commit to showing up when you are scheduled (about twice a month).  That is all!

If you would like more information – please contact Bonnie McHugh through the church office.

"Lord, you love me deeply and in ways I can never really understand; give me grace to serve You during worship so I can actually worship You while I serve and not worry too much about what I am supposed to do. I ask this prayer
in Jesus’ name.  Amen."


Wednesday Night Youth Group

The Youth Group gathers every Wednesday evening during the school year at 6:00 for dinner, Bible study, and discussion.



Happening is a weekend renewal experience for High School students within the Episcopal church.

A Happening weekend is made up of various talks interspersed with games, singing, small and large group activities and a good deal of fun. The talks, as well as all aspects of the weekend, are led by youth who have been on previous Happening weekends. There are a few adults and clergy who work with the youth to enable the weekend to function as a viable Christian formation experience. There are liturgical services and times for spiritual reflection built into the weekend schedule, as well as a few surprises!

Happenings are held at Camp Weed. High school students can get more information from Mtr. Teri, and can register at Happening Registration.


Vacation Bible School (to volunteer)

During the summer months, see the home page for information on volunteering to help with the summer Vacation Bible School.