2016 Vestry

Paul Robinson, Senior Warden 

Diane LoCastro, Jr. Warden 

Jason Johnston

Brandy Luce 

Joe McCann 

Paul Robinson

Nancye Rubin

Clerk, Carolyn DiSalvo

Treasurer, Hollie Maddox


The Vestry consists of seven member and is the governing body of the Parish. The Rector and Treasurer are ex officio members. The Vestry meetings are chaired by the Rector. There are two Wardens who are the chief lay officers and serve as advisors to the Rector. The Senior Warden is appointed by the Rector and confirmed by the Vestry members. The Junior Warden is elected by the Vestry members. The church Treasurer and Secretary are elected by the Vestry members. The Vestry is accountable to the rector, congregation, and to the bishop. Vestry members are advocates for the members of the Parish and use input from Parish members to make decisions about the ministry of the church. The Vestry approves the annual budget as submitted by the Finance Committee and approves all money matters not in the fiscal budget.